Available Works

Red 16''x20'' Oil on canvas
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Mahtma Gandhi 16''x16'' Oil on canvas board

Roses 8''x8'' Oil on canvas board

Mix Pansies 16''x16'' Oil on canvas board

Gold 8''x8'' Oil on canvas board

Ballerina 18''x14'' Oil on canvas
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Doggy 16''x16'' Oil on canvas

Sunday Afternoon 16''x16'' Oil on canvas

On the beach 16''x16'' Oil on Canvas

Parliment Building(Prague) 20''x16''

Girl at the seaside 16''x16'' Oil on canvas

Carriage (Prague) 24''x30'' Oil on canvas

Red-Backed fairywren 8''x8'' Oil on Canvas board



Shepherd, 30''x40''



Sweet sixteen,16''x12'''

Polo in red, 30''x40''

Wayne, 16''x16''

Horse rodeo, 16''x16''

Tuscany 16" x 16"

Carriage,Prague 30''x40''

Tuscany vineyard , 16''x20''

Conductor 40" x 40"

Fairy Wren, 8''x8''